LED Grow Light Systems & Beyond

At GreenDot, we’re plant growth experts—proficient in every aspect of indoor and greenhouse grow spaces, and passionate about sharing our knowledge with our customers. Our decades’ of experience goes far beyond LED grow lighting systems into climate control technology and nutritional delivery. When you choose GreenDot, you’re choosing a partner who can guide you through building a complete system dialed in to your exact needs—so you can grow better.


We start by asking and listening to get a thorough understanding of your space, what you’re growing and what lighting systems you use. We’ll discuss your current results, long-term goals and get to know your space—taking precise light readings at the canopy level to determine the quality of light. Then we’ll dig deeper—taking into account everything from your humidity levels to your root temperatures. The more we know, the better we can guide you through all the factors that contribute to your plants’ absorption of light energy, so they can grow faster and bigger.

Blueprint for Success

Once we understand your hardware, space and goals, we can start designing your GreenDot LED grow lighting system. Anything that’s usable in your current system, we’ll retain and reconfigure. Based on our calculations, we’ll create a virtual model of your system that accurately predicts how much energy you’ll save—taking into account the vast savings in reduced air conditioning costs due to low-temperature LED lighting. We’ll determine size, spacing, mounting height and incorporate control options as your budget permits.

Our Partnerships are Yours

GreenDot is enmeshed in the research community, giving us access to the latest lighting algorithms proven to substantially improve yields. This valuable data can be downloaded to your LED lighting system to optimize every aspect—including intensity, spectrum and photoperiod. Our experts can also help you select devices that work in tandem with the GreenDot lighting system and algorithms to control the climate and nutrient-delivery system.

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Ready to bring our expertise to your LED grow lighting system and beyond? Send us a note and we’ll show you the difference experience makes.

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