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Whether you’re growing 10 plants or ten thousand, GreenDot will combine our technologies and experience to deliver results. Our breakthrough implementation of the latest Solid-State Lighting (SSL) technologies allows us to engineer LED lighting systems that deliver maximum Photosynthetic Active Radiation (PAR) intensity. That means faster growth, healthier plants and larger yields.

Explore how our Radiance-Tech™ Series LED technology is designed to help you grow better.

Populated at Time of Order

Our LED arrays can be swapped out, giving you unprecedented control of spectral tuning for individual crop needs.

Intelligent Lighting

Reduced wiring and installation costs from built-in Bluetooth wireless controls. Optionally, a plug-and-play, hard-wired 0-10v input can be tied into your existing control or BAC-net system. 

A Wide Selection of Spectral Choices

Our LED arrays can be swapped out, giving you unprecedented control of spectral tuning for individual crop needs.

Durable & Built to Last

Extruded 6062 aluminum arms give our LED systems unrivaled rigidity and thermal performance. Our metal core printed circuit boards improve thermal transfer and contribute to longer LED life. For optimal heat transfer from board to arms, we use high quality 3M thermal interface material. GreenDot’s waterproof, UV stabilized polycarbonate lenses are optically clear and shatter resistant for the highest level of safety.

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Built On-Demand

LED grow light technology is evolving at an unprecedented pace. The lights engineered today didn’t exist a year ago. That’s why we build every system at the time it’s ordered—ensuring you get the latest, most efficient, longest lasting LEDs. Every component used in our LED lighting systems is tested and qualified to provide the most advanced and efficient solution.

Engineered to Evolve

GreenDot LED grow lighting systems are designed to evolve as science and technology progress. Our proprietary LED boards are modular, allowing components to be replaced as technology advances. When research discovers new formulas or improved growth with a new lighting wavelength, we can adjust your system for optimal performance. We respect your initial investment and strive for efficiency and long-term satisfaction.
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Custom Solutions for Every Need

Contact us today to learn how GreenDot can engineer and build your custom LED plant grow light system—for faster growth and bigger yields with incredible cost savings.

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